Shop AlmaLinux

We’re excited to announce that the AlmaLinux OS merchandise shop is live! This is very exciting because we’ve all been waiting for it since December 2020. While we were busy prepping the AlmaLinux OS stable release for you and had to unfortunately put the merch shop release to the bottom of our to-do list.

When you shop with AlmaLinux OS, you can feel good about your purchase! We’re currently offering Penguin Foundation themed clothing items like t-shirts and hoodies, fun accessories like snapback hats, face masks, bags, cups, and stickers, and technology accessories like laptop and smartphone cases. We’re continually adding to our online store, so check back regularly!

As we have proudly already committed to investing $1M per year into AlmaLinux OS, we will be sending all the profits from sales made to the Penguin Foundation as early as April 2021. Your donation will fund various research, conservation and education programs as well as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation to protect and preserve Phillip Island’s unique flora and fauna.

By summer 2021, we hope to finalize the community’s votes and equally distribute the funds each quarter to different organizations.

Know where your money is going: The AlmaLinux OS-branded gear’s price is based on the fulfillment from Goodie printing and the retail price, and while we intend to keep the prices as low as possible, the price includes our expenses for payment processing. 10% of the fulfillment price goes to the donation towards the Penguin Foundation.

You’ll be responsible for the shipping costs, but the merchandising platform that we are using has fulfillment warehouses all over the world, so standard delivery to most parts of the world is available at reasonable rates. Unfortunately, shipments to Iran, Crimea, North Korea, and a few other countries are unavailable at this time.

If you’re interested in making a direct donation to the Penguin Foundation or adopting an animal, please visit their website at